If your laptop has been creating problems more frequently than you may need to get it checked by a reputable laptop repairing shop. There may be different problems in your laptop’s hardware and one of the common problems is its motherboard malfunctioning. Repairing, upgrading, or replacing a laptop’s motherboard may cost you more than your expectations, especially if you do not find a well-reputed laptop repair expert and get trapped by an inexperienced laptop repairer.

A Motherboard or Mainboard is probably the most important part of a laptop or desktop because all the other components of the machine are interconnected through it. There are countless circuits, capacitors, power and data connectors, heat sinks and fans on it. Many other parts are connected to it such as a graphics card and WLAN card while it also contains around a dozen ports for different devices such as USB cables, HDMI cables and external memory cards.

What are the signs of motherboard failure or a faulty motherboard?

Well, there are various signs that you may notice when your desktop or laptop’s motherboard is faulty or out of order. The most common of them are mentioned below:

  • Laptop or desktop not turning on at all
  • Desktop or Laptop failed to boot
  • Frequent blue screen errors at the startup or during the routine working
  • Black screen on startup
  • One or more connected devices stopped working
  • System hangs or freezes during work
  • System restarts automatically
  • USB ports not functioning

And there are a plethora of other issues you may face with your desktop or laptop’s motherboard. But there are some complexities. These issues could either be because of the malfunctioned motherboard or it may also be some other issue such as a problematic RAM or the power supply issue. So, it is never recommended to repair your laptop or desktop by yourself or you may end up increasing the damage and repair cost.

My Laptop has one of these problems, what should I do?

The first thing you should do is “do not panic”. It may be a small issue or no issue at all. Get your laptop checked by a professional who could be able to tell you the exact problem after examining it thoroughly. A laptop or desktop repairing expert usually performs several steps to pinpoint the exact problem instead of repairing or replacing the motherboard.

Sometimes, the problem is due to faulty or loose RAM. In most cases, just a couple of capacitors are damaged that are needed to be changed. So, the best is to contact your vendor or a laptop repairing expert.

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